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May. 5th, 2009 02:11 pm
blythe: (stock / specs)
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for the first time ever, i'm having a friends cut. i hate doing this, but because i'm so busy and can't keep up with everyone, however much i'd like to, i have to do it.

that being said, it's nothing personal.

i only cut those who belong in one of these categories:
  • we don't comment on each others' journals. ever.
  • you suddenly disappeared off the face of LJ without any indication that you're on hiatus.
  • your lj is all about fandom, and never or rarely about rl. i appreciate fangirling, but i need my friends to be a little more personal.
  • you changed your username, and i already added your new account.

if you feel like you've been cut without reason, please do comment back to this post - all comments will be screened.

the following have been cut:

[ profile] bae_mac [ profile] disposabledoll [ profile] hey_insomnia [ profile] jojo_cute [ profile] killrsoundtrack [ profile] lishaznia [ profile] lovedrummer [ profile] ogoediamond [ profile] wingist6 [ profile] wyelinchiu

please remove me from your lists by 12.05.09, or you'll be banned from my journal. it's been a hell of a ride, and once again, i'm sorry.

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