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as requested by my annoying yet lovely friend-who-i-shall-not-name-at-her-request,

here's my list of 18 songs that i listen to when making BBF graphics. english + chinese + japanese + korean :D

format: artist - song title (who it reminds me of) translated short excerpt download link

1. big bang - lies (joonpyo) I'm so sorry but I love you sharp words on a whim; I didn't even know, I sent you off download

2. big Bang - number one (yijung/woobin) I need a girl who is in it for me. Not for the money, not for the fame, Not for the glory, not for the name. download

3. epik high - ignition (jihoo) The sidelong glances of strangers as our hands brushed
as they passed ahead of me

4. HowL & J - 사랑인가요 / Perhaps Love (janpyo) I can’t remember exactly when it was That my mind began to fill up with thoughts of you. download

5. 김동률 - 아이처럼 kim dong ryul ft. alex - like a child (joonpyo) I want to give you (everything); I want to feel (your heart) download

6. melee - built to last (janpyo) cause this is real, and this is good it warms the inside just like it should but most of all most of all, it's built to last download

7. rihanna ft. ne-yo - hate that i love you (soeul) one of these days, maybe your magic won't affect me, and your kiss won't make me weak download

8. 신승훈 - 그래도.. 사랑이다 shin seung hoon - guredo... sarangida (jihoo) I live for this painful love download

9. Wonder Girls - Saying "I Love You" (jandi) You’d always ask me, ‘how come you never say “I love you," do you really love me?' download

10. 王力宏 - 心跳 Wang Lee Hom - Xin Tiao (joonpyo) I desire to go back to where we began. ; You're crying again; yet I can't comfort you. download

11. 嵐 (Arashi) - Love So Sweet (janpyo) A memory that will never, ever be forgotten by the sky even if the two of us were separated; There will never be another season in which I meet someone I like this much ; Everything that I believe in is love so sweet download

12. 俞灏明 - 如果 可以爱你 Yu Haoming - Ru Guo Ke Yi Ai Ni (If I Could Love You) (jihoo) I want to hold your hand; lean on my shoulder. download

13. Super Junior H - 파자마 파티 (Pajama Party!) (Geum family XD) Wearing our pajamas~ Wearing our pajamas~ Tonight together~ let's throw an awesome party together~ download

14. SHINee - AMIGO (yijung) With such beauty you are befit such worship; Forever by my side, you deserve to receive my love download

15. SHINEE - Romantic (Joonpyo) I’m so frightened that in the places where our memories are deeply embedded. That I may (I know) see you there with the perfect man. download

16. High School Musical - High School Musical (anything school related/future graduation) I just hope the rest of my life, to feal as good as my high school musical; who says we have to let it go. It's the best part we've known so far, step in to the future but hold in to high school musical download

17. Rain - Rainism (woobin) I’m gonna be a bad boy; Even if you avoid it still can feel my rainism download

RAR file of 1-17download

18. 김연우 - 꽃보다 남자 Kim Yun Woo - Boys Over Flowers (F4 XD) Though at times you may dislike me and I don't seem trustworthy; I myself, am still in the process of discovering myself download

additional notes
some of the joonpyo songs are a little.. uhm, uncharacteristic of him. but i listen to them because i feel that these are some things that he may feel but never express 8)

some of these songs are total crack, such as 13 and 16. lmao. i just listen to them for the heck of it, so that i get into the mood XD

do tell me if any links are broken, i'll fix them asap!

okay, i'm REALLY going to work on my essay nao, kthxbai.

for my own reference: BBF OST 1 MF download link

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